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From the President


02 Dec 2006
Volume 26, no. 12, December 2006

Since the agreement negociated in the spring of 2006 was signed,the FMOQ has been monitoring related issues, while pursuing negotiations on a variety of matters. At year end, we feel it is important to report on progress made on these fronts, and also on the FMOQ’s position vis-à-vis the difficult negotiations facing the Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec (FMSQ) >>>


Volume 26, no.11, October 2006

Health and social  minister Philippe Couillard will soon announce the number of places available in 2007 for each region in Quebec under the regional medical manpower plan (PREM). The decision is based on the recommendations of the FMOQ-MSSS joint medical manpower management committee for general medicine. The recommended number of places available in 2007 for each region is shown in Table 1. How does this affect you? >>>

Volume 26, no. 10, September 2006

The FMOQ insisted that the Letter of Understanding be honoured and that measures be taken to bridge the pay gap, which grows year after year >>>

Volume 26, no. 9, June 2006

The decision of the Federation’s General Council to accept the government’s latest offers was hardly enthusiastic. It ratified the choice made by the majority of rank-and-file members to accept the proposals, even though they did not meet all the demands put forward by the FMOQ >>>

Volume 26, no.8, June 5

Minister Couillard contacted Dr Dutil Thursday evening with a proposal regarding Letter of Understanding No. 138 >>>

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