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From the President


If it took a lot of work to reach a satisfactory General Agreement last summer, as much effort was required on our part with respect to a number of measures associated with it. More specific agreements were therefore signed with the government regarding the economic recognition of the versatility of general practitioners in Québec, bonuses granted on the basis of the number of days worked and the volume of registered vulnerable and non-vulnerable patients, the electronic medical record, research and recognition of specific medical activities in private practice. The content of these agreements is summarized in this newsletter. >>>>


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The main issue in our recent negotiations, namely, access to a family physician, remains a top priority for the FMOQ. In our view, now more than ever, improving access comes down to two essential elements: increased professional and technical support to family physicians and a competitive economic environment for general practitioners who take on the management and monitoring of patients. That's why we insisted that measures to partially offset practice expenses and to provide supplements for physicians taking on new patients be implemented as of last November. >>>