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From the President


The Eternal Wait
01 Dec 2010

Le Médecin du Québec, volume 45, no. 12, December 2010

It’s a sad fact that Québecers are far too familiar with the word “wait” in the health sector, especially primary care, because of a lack of resources. Every day, their family doctors are forced to wait too. One only has to think of how difficult it is to obtain access to technical and diagnostic support, receive specialized consultations or recertify family doctor groups, to name but just a few convincing examples. >>>

Le Médecin du Québec, volume 45, no. 11, November 2010

It’s high time the governmental team currently in power faced the facts. The era of coercion, reassuring words and empty promises is over, as much for family physicians as for the hundreds of thousands who still don’t have access, when and where they need it, to their precious health care. >>>

Le Médecin du Québec, volume 45, no.10, October 2010

Anyone who has been following the news of late has noticed that money from government coffers has been flowing freely for the past several weeks in the health sector and elsewhere. And those fields of particular interest to us are the significant and recurrent investments (more than $17M) in specialized nurse practitioners and in vitro fertilization (more than $60M dollars every year). While we do not question the soundness of these initiatives, the people of Québec nonetheless have a right to know whether the government has targeted the right priorities in the health sector. >>>

Note: The President's monthly editorial comment will now be published on the Web in English


Le Médecin du Québec, Volume 45, no. 9, September 2010

This past August 11, Premier Jean Charest made an important cabinet shuffle that has been anticipated, even predicted, for the past several months. The Premier, evidently, wants to breathe new life into his team. And with several ministers occupying key positions now assigned to different ministries, it’s hard to miss the scope of changes in personnel at the highest levels of government. >>>

Le Médecin du Québec, volume 45, numéro 6, juin 2010

Diagnostic constitue sans contredit un documentaire riche, dans lequel le vécu et les opinions des médecins devraient interpeller tous ceux qui le regarderont >>>


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