A Global Approach to Pain Management

by Dr. Alain Bissonnette and algo-md
15 credits (category 1)


This innovative online training was designed and validated to allow you to improve your practice and your intervention in patients afflicted with chronic pain. The training was developed by algo-md and is the result of the efforts of more than 50 Canadian Pain and E-learning experts. Your training program will be accessible anytime, anywhere; you can therefore choose to access it at the time most convenient for you.

This training, once completed with success, will entitle you to 15 hours of category 1 training credits. The training will automatically be entered in your PADPC-FMOQ within 24 hours of course completion.

An initiative of Dr. Alain Bissonnette, specialist in family medicine and pain expert in chronic non cancer pain at the Centre de gestion de la douleur du CHUQ-CHUL (Quebec).

Learning Objectives

  • gather essential information to identify the type of pain;
  • use the clinical exam and a series of specific neurological exams to help make an accurate diagnosis for a chronic pain patient;
  • recognize indications and choose the relevant additional tests in order to rule out potential red flags;
  • refer to a specialist, when relevant;
  • identify the relevant pharmaceutical treatments, including opioids and coanalgesics;
  • identify the relevant non-pharmaceutical treatments, including physiatry (physical medicine and rehabilitation), physiotherapy and occupational therapy;
  • assess the psychological state ant the risk of psychological opioid dependence;
  • assess the relevance of available invasive techniques;
  • use the SHARP communication technique to manage patients with challenging (difficult) behaviour;
  • improve information to chronic pain patients.